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Testimonial: KPPFree™ Participant

I went through some health issues over the last 5 months or so. I just wanted to tell/remind all of you that we have a great benefit in the Kempton Group. 

Not only did they pay for tens of thousands worth of bills, with zero dollars out of my pocket, but they were amazing to work with, being off the charts nice and very fast to respond. 

I had 3 surgeries and 2 of them were not on their list of surgeries.  They struck a deal with my doctors within 24 hours and paid for 100% of the cost on all of them, even the surgeries that weren’t on their list. 

The surgery I had done by their surgeon and surgery center was top notch!  I believe this benefit is for both active and retired members, and I just wanted to remind you guys to take advantage of this amazing benefit. 

Not only is it for major medical stuff like surgery, but for annual things like mammograms for you or your spouse.  My wife did this just the other day, it cost us $0. This is a benefit we don’t want to lose, so look into it for any of your medical needs. Using the Kempton Group not only saves you money immediately, but it reduces the claims made to BC/BS which is supposed to reduce our premium costs in the future.