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Reference Based Pricing

What is Reference Based Pricing?

Reference Based Pricing (RBP) is the amount of money your health plan has determined it will pay for specific medical services. A reference price is often used to ensure that payments to providers are reasonable, this can be any free market price such as KPPFree™ or a commonly know price, such as Medicare.

Medicare is used as a commonly understood language and as a starting point for a mutual negotiation, increasing overall transparency and enhancing patient choice. Under RBP, the provider is reimbursed their current Medicare rate, PLUS an additional amount.

How Does RBP work?

  • A plan that includes Reference Based Pricing has standard benefits, such as copays, deductibles, and coinsurance.
  • When you visit your doctor, they will file a claim using the EDI# on your medical ID card, just like they would normally.
  • When the claim is processed, the reimbursement will be based on the RBP amount determined by your plan benefits and the type of provider.
  • This amount is the provider’s current Medicare rate, PLUS an additional amount.
  • Oftentimes, your doctor agrees that this is a fair and reasonable reimbursement!
  • If your doctor does not agree to the reimbursement, please reach out to us. Balance billing is not the end of the conversation, there are resources available to assist you.

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Examples of Reference Prices Include:

  • Free Market Price, such as KPPFree™, online retailer, or another market price option.
  • Healthcare Bluebook Fair price.
  • A percentage above the amount paid to the provider by Medicare

Many benefit plans utilize RBP for out-of-network benefits, or as a replacement for a PPO network. If you have questions about your RBP benefits, please Contact Us.

How do you know if your plan is contracted with a network?

To determine whether your plan has contracted with a PPO network, review the Medical Plan section of your ID card, log in to our Secure Benefit Portal, or contact us.