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PPO Networks: The Devil Employers Think They Know

May 4, 2016 – By Dave Chase

Written with David Contorno, President, Lake Norman Benefits –

Do you give your employees an unchecked unlimited expense account? If they carry your company’s health plan ID card, you do.

The Affordable Care Act requires every health plan to offer benefits free from most annual and all lifetime dollar limits. If you have a self-insured plan, you may feel the direct impact of this a little more immediately (although many employers still do not recognize it). Even employers that are fully insured should realize they are the insurance company anyway. The only benefit those employers get is delaying the impact of that spend until their next renewal date. But they pay dearly in the form of a complete lack of information on exactly how that money is being spent. As a result, companies should start to look at the health plan ID card as an unlimited corporate credit card. Which then begs the question…who is monitoring that spend?

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