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Why Choose Kempton?

Transparency is not a buzzword, it is our way of life.

We have decided to change the way you do business with your TPA. TPAs generally have multiple revenue streams, all designed to hide from you their exact compensation. Commissions on policies, products, and other vendor services, a percentage of subrogation recovery, a percentage of negotiated savings – there are many ways a TPA can increase their revenue stream and consider it “standard industry practice.”

Standard Practices are not always right.

Just because it’s the industry standard, doesn’t make it the right thing to do. We tell our clients every dollar we are paid in relation to their plan. Our compensation is based on an upfront per-employee-per-month fee. We believe that failure to disclose our total compensation puts us at odds with our clients’ goals.

The money is yours, not ours.

  • Your vendor fees are a direct pass-through with no additional money paid to KGA.
  • Subrogation recovery is returned to the plan, with no money retained by KGA.
  • PBM rebates are given directly to the plan, with no money retained by KGA.
  • All savings we negotiate on your behalf are 100% yours.

We are accountable to only one entity, the employer.

Our total compensation is included in our flat per-employee-per-month administrative fee.

KGA provides you with full accessibility and accountability for every dollar spent on claims.  We ensure your Plan Document has supporting language for cost containment and consumer initiatives. Any third party vendors we recommend will have your fiduciary duty in mind.

PPO and other vendor fees are a direct pass-through cost to the client and are not included in the administrative fee. We do not receive, or retain, a percentage of commission on your stop-loss policy, or any portion of subrogation recovery, PBM rebates, or negotiated savings. Our per-employee-per-month fee is our TOTAL compensation.


KGA keeps you informed of any compliance and regulatory changes that arise through meetings, webinars, emails, flyers, and conference calls. For ACA compliance, KGA will meet with your team to hold consultative compliance meetings as needed. We will keep you informed of any required Plan changes, our recommendations for your Plan, and the steps we are taking to assist you.

Education & Assistance

Effective employee education and personalized assistance are essential to the successful administration of your benefit plan. We hold regular educational employee meetings and offer your employees easy access to their benefits over the phone, through email, and via our simple and secure benefit portal.

Personalized service

We are a local, community TPA who has been doing business for 50 years. Let us earn your business and your trust.