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What is Kempton

The Kempton Group Administrators (KGA) has over 40 years of experience as a Third Party Administrator of self-funded employee benefit plans. We are still a family-owned and family-oriented company that prides itself in bringing true value to our clients.

We are all impacted by the rising cost of healthcare. Self-funding is a long-term commitment. Kempton is the professional resource and makes this same commitment you. Our number one priority has always been to provide impeccable customer service while maintaining integrity and stability.


Managing a health benefit plan today means more than just processing health claims for members. We are focused on providing our customers with state of the art solutions for their health benefit administration needs. Claims adjudication, which is the most visible aspect of the benefit plan for individual employees, is handled through a state-of-the-art system that assures rapid and accurate processing. Meaningful data for plan analysis is provided through a full menu of management reports. Our claims administration solution is fully integrated, scalable, and functional and is able to manage all aspects from eligibility processing to payment remittance. Kempton’s customer service department provides personal service to your employees by becoming a “division” of your human resources department.

We help you develop a plan that brings the best service, combined with the best care to your enrolled members, while still controlling health care spending. Our services include patient-centered incentives and care management that encompasses the members who have routine needs to those who need proactive care. We partner with vendors of your choice to provide even more solutions for every aspect of your health benefit needs.