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Our Administrative Services

Included in our administrative fee is everything you need to manage a self-funded benefit plan. Any additional services that you need will be quoted based on a flat fee.

Our Services Include

  • Safeguarding your claims to ensure reimbursement is reasonable and rational.
  • Administration of consumer-driven options such as the KPPFree™ program.
  • Complete plan reporting – including comprehensive utilization reporting, unaudited financial statements, and general ledger detail.
  • Filing of reinsurance claims, if applicable.
  • Employee education meetings, flyers, newsletters, and educational materials.
  • Employee enrollment and initial printing and issuance of ID cards.
  • Plan design and Plan Document creation assistance.
  • Customized plan building and implementation.
  • HIPAA administration, including ARRA.
  • COBRA administration, including initial and sample notices included in Summary Plan Description, sample notices provided annually for distribution, COBRA election form provided to the employee upon separation from the employer, and collection and management of COBRA payments directly from the participant.
  • Compliance assistance with ERISA, IRS laws, DOL regulations, and most ACA mandates, requirements, and reporting.
  • Secure Benefit Portal for employees to view accumulator balances, claim details, view, and print EOBs, ask questions, and more.
  • Secure Benefit Portal for the employer to view and edit participant eligibility, enrollment details, view claim detail, and reports. Online enrollment is available.

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