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About Us

The Kempton Group Administrators, Inc. (KGA) has been a Third Party Administrator (TPA) of self-funded benefit plans since 1969. We are still a family-owned and operated company who takes pride in bringing legitimate value to our clients.

The Problem with The Status Quo.

Managing a health benefit plan today means more than just processing claims. The rising cost of claims impacts self-funded plans profoundly. We do not promote gimmicks; we help you fix your plan.

The Job of a TPA Is Changing.

As a valuable third party administrator, KGA focuses on more than just claims processing. We do not ignore the actual cost of claims or the education necessary to motivate better choices. Self-funded employers cannot afford to rely on third parties who have a financial incentive to allow claims costs to increase unchecked. A fully transparent TPA who believes in the free market and healthcare transparency is a game changer for self-funded employers. We are that TPA.

 Our Core Values

Our core values differentiate us from other TPAs. Our passion for revolutionizing the healthcare industry, while empowering and informing consumers with the knowledge of how to make valuable healthcare purchasing decisions, has changed the way we manage your plan and the way we conduct our business.

As a family-owned business, we recognize the value in providing exceptional service. We take it a step further by cultivating the spirit of service within our company. Call metrics and automation do not create relationships. Providing high-touch, sincere, dedicated service based on the golden-rule creates a solid foundation for a long-term partnership. Self-funding is a long-term commitment, and KGA will be your long-term partner.

Transparency is not a buzzword.

We have decided to change the way you do business with your TPA. TPAs generally have multiple revenue streams, all designed to hide from you their exact compensation. Commissions on policies, products, and other vendor services, a percentage of subrogation recovery, a percentage of negotiated savings – there are many ways a TPA can increase their revenue stream and consider it “standard industry practice.”

Standard Doesn’t Mean Right.

Just because it’s the industry standard, doesn’t make it the right thing to do. We tell our clients every dollar we are paid in relation to their plan. Our compensation is based on an upfront per-employee-per-month fee. We believe that failure to disclose our total compensation puts us at odds with our clients’ goals.

The money is yours, not ours.

  • Your vendor fees are a direct pass-through with no additional money paid to KGA.
  • Subrogation recovery is returned to the plan, with no money retained by KGA.
  • PBM rebates are given directly to the plan, with no money retained by KGA.
  • All savings we negotiate on your behalf are 100% yours.

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