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Transparency in medical pricing is a game-changer. Medical pricing has been hidden from consumers for decades - allowing a perfect storm of medical inflation and price gouging to run rampant. We have invented a way to allow self-funded employers to work directly with free market-minded providers. The KPPFree™ program enables employers to work directly with providers who believe that cost plus quality create value. The providers who participate in this program offer our self-funded employer clients their best price because they want to work directly with employers in their community.

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  • Trump’s Call for Health Care Price Transparency: A Positive Step to Lowering Cost

    June 25, 2019 - by James Dunavant It took many years of economic interventions, political blunders, and crony regulations to bring the U.S. health care system to almost a breaking point. The present-day system has very little remaining of a free market as numerous intermediaries have a

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  • Transparency foes work to cloud Trump’s executive order

    July 12, 2019 - by Marni Jameson Carey Americans cheered last month when President Donald Trump, surrounded by independent doctors and patients, signed an executive order on “Improving Price and Quality Transparency in Healthcare.”  The order, to quote Trump, “is pretty much

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  • The Kempton Group is excited to announce the promotion of Melissa Nance to Chief Brand Officer

    June 12, 2019, Oklahoma City, OK – The Kempton Group is excited to announce the promotion of Melissa Nance to Chief Brand Officer. Melissa Nance joined the Kempton Team in July of 2013 as Director of Business Development, promoting Kempton’s message and goals to employers in

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