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Transparency in medical pricing is a game-changer. Medical pricing has been hidden from consumers for decades – allowing a perfect storm of medical inflation and price gouging to run rampant.

We have invented a way to allow self-funded employers to work directly with free market-minded providers. The KPPFree™ program enables employers to work directly with providers who believe that cost plus quality create value. The providers who participate in this program offer our self-funded employer clients their best price because they want to work directly with employers in their community.

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  • Reference Based Pricing Webinar for Brokers, Consultants, & Advisors

    Reference Based Pricing (RBP) is a cost-containment strategy catching the eye of self-funded employers. In response to increasing healthcare costs and lack of transparency, self-funded employers are more interested than ever in out-of-the box solutions, including Reference Based

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  • Video: About KPPFree

    Learn more about the KPPFree program and how it works! Call us to get started at (800)

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  • Webinar – RBP: Leveling the Playing Field

    Reference Based Pricing (RBP) is a useful tool in your health plan playbook to help level the playing field. In this quick 15-minute webinar, Jay Kempton offers insights into the world of RBP, illustrates the impacts of RBP, and offers key points leading to RBP

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